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Improve your tennis play by installing a synthetic grass tennis court

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Installing a tennis court on your property can help you improve your tennis play and add to more practice time. Moreover, it also adds to the overall value of your home. In the past, hard court surfaces were the standard option. In recent years, however, several alternatives to hard tennis courts have emerged including grass, clay, and artificial turf. If you are looking for a suitable tennis surface material, consider synthetic grass tennis courts. Here are three ways how synthetic grass courts can improve your tennis play:

Uniform surface texture

An essential attribute of artificial turf is its consistent pile height and grass thickness. As a result, the tennis surface material remains consistent regardless of the weather conditions or application. Tennis play involves a lot of movement by the players who continually stop, jump, and take a shot with painstaking precision. Even so, synthetic grass courts remain devoid of imperfections on the court surface. Being able to rely on the texture of the artificial tennis court to remain consistent during player movement is vital, and helps avoid knee and foot injuries and enhance the quality of one's game.

Consistent bounce of the ball

Due to the uniform and consistent nature of the artificial grass playing surface, ball play and bounce of the play is also consistent. As a result, players can anticipate the bounce of the ball following each shot. Players can adopt their preferred approach and prepare for each successive shot. Furthermore, players can maintain quality ball control and keep the ball in play for a sustained period. Overall, tennis play becomes a lot more interesting, while the skill level and stamina of the players goes a notch higher.

Permanent lines

The white lines that mark the playing field on a synthetic grass tennis court don't fade or distort after installation. This is despite exposure to weather elements or repeated use. The same cannot be said of natural grass. Since a lot of tennis calls depend on how clear the white lines of the court are, their permanence improves correct judgments calls which are crucial in tennis.

If you are looking to follow in the steps of Federer and Serena Williams, then installing an artificial grass tennis court is a sure way to improve your tennis skill level and avoid injuries caused by other hard court surfaces. The initial outlay on the turf will be worth every coin down the road.