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Gym Etiquette: 4 Important Rules to Follow When Working Out

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If you are new to going to the gym, it is important to keep some things in mind. Gym etiquette is something people assume everyone knows, but beginners tend to forget these basic mannerisms. Here are some gym etiquette rules to keep in mind the next time you head for a workout.

Wipe Down the Equipment

You bring a towel with you every time you go to the gym, but it isn't just for yourself. Always have a clean, dry towel with you that is meant for wiping down the equipment. Everyone gets sweaty at the gym, but nobody wants to sit on a weight bench that is soaking wet or put their hands on an exercise bike when it's slippery from the person who was there first. When you're done using a machine, free weights, or a bench, take a moment to wipe it down before you move on. Before using equipment, check it and wipe it down again so you avoid someone else's mistake.

Don't Talk to People Who Aren't Interested

While it is okay to be social at the gym, take someone's cues if they aren't interested. If you are next to someone on the treadmill who seems to be focused on the television and isn't returning your conversation, let them be. They are likely trying to get into the zone by distracting themselves and aren't interested in mindless chatter. Having headphones on is another sign that someone is not up for conversation. Leave these people be and don't try to force communication.

Give People Some Space

Try to avoid taking a machine right next to someone, unless it is the last one left. If you get to the gym in the early morning hours and there are five elliptical machines available, don't take the one right next to someone else. This is basic gym etiquette. People tend to want space and time to themselves when they are working out. So unless you know the person working out, they call you over, or it is the last elliptical left in the gym, try to grab one a little further away.

Never Use Multiple Pieces of Equipment at One Time

Circuit training might seem like a good idea, but not when you are hogging machines. Try to focus on one machine first, wipe it off, then move on to the next one. Unless the gym is practically empty, don't try to hog multiple machines in one general area, going around your circuit over and over again. There might be someone else waiting to use one of these machines who now has to wait for your entire circuit to be over.

Keep these tips in mind as you check out local gyms like Workout 24/7 North Lakes. You may even be able to ask the gym staff if they have any specific rules or guidelines you need to be aware of.