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2 Essential Awning Accessories That You Need To Buy Before Setting Off On Your First Caravan Adventure

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Owning a caravan is a dream for many Australians. Having the ability to explore the most beautiful and remote parts of the country while still enjoying the comfort of modern conveniences is a highly attractive idea that is growing in popularity. Most caravans come with awnings which can be attached to the side of the caravan.

If you've just bought a caravan and awning and you're about to set off on your first adventure, then here are two inexpensive awning accessories that you should purchase to ensure that your trip goes off without a hitch.

1. An awning spares kit

Awnings are often considered an essential addition to a great caravan setup.They're a cheap and convenient way to double the living space of your caravan. However, nothing can mar a holiday more than reaching your destination only to find that a crucial awning attachment has gone missing.

A small awning spares kit that has extras of all the essentials is a must-have for your caravan. This means that you can quickly and easily replace ropes, pegs or clips that have gone missing or become accidentally damaged. You can make up your own kit with items bought separately or buy a prepackaged kit from your local caravan supply store.

2. An awning repair kit

Awnings are designed to be robust and durable but they aren't indestructible. A falling tree or a bad storm can cause the material of the awning to rip or split, leaving you with less than adequate cover from the sun or the rain. A simple awning repair kit is a vital addition to your caravan equipment and you can find one at any camping or caravan supply store.

Awnings are generally made from either fabric or vinyl, so make sure that you choose a repair kit that's suitable for your awning material. They include swatches of material for patching holes as well as an adhesive that will hold the patches in place. These repair kits are also suitable for use for many other repairs, such as airbeds, clothing, tarpaulins and sleeping bags.

Being well prepared is an important part of a caravan adventure and ensuring that your awning will serve its purpose properly is a big part of this preparation. These two basic kits take up barely any precious storage space and will provide you peace of mind and the ability to remedy any problems that you have with your awning without leaving your campsite.